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The Ethics of the Dust

The book I chose for this project ended up being a lot more difficult for me than I anticipated, so about halfway through I decided to pick another. A friend lent me a really obscure little book called "The Ethics of the Dust," a sort of manual on the "elements of crystallization" written by John Ruskin and dedicated to the "little housewives." It's a pretty crazy read, but it was a lot easier for me to visialize my project because of all the imagery in the book. 

In the first chapter, he talks about a land made of precious stones, diamond dew drops on the grass, and amethyst blossoms on the trees. So I wrote out as many of these metaphors as I could and started sketching. After taking my sketches to the computer, I played around with colors and then settled on a final design. I'm really eager to hear you guy's feedback! Thanks!


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