The Ethical Wardrobe: How to look good while feeling good about your clothes

Your neighborhood H&M might be supplying you with that missing piece in your wardrobe, but you've started to question how it's possible for a coat to be cheaper than your last meal out. You aren't interested in a closet full of bamboo and hemp clothes, but you are curious how you can be more responsible with your clothing choices. Maybe you own a pair of TOMS but only have a vague notion of how the company gives back.

This class is for stylish and socially conscious men and women ready to start asking questions about where their clothing comes from and how to create a wardrobe full of clothing and accessories that make them feel as good as they make them look.

In this class, students will learn:

- The meaning of "ethical fashion"
- How to start with what's in your closet already, including donation tips and care advice
- What questions to ask when you are making new purchases
- Resources for finding responsible clothing and accessories without compromising on style or going over budget

Each student should bring an accessory or piece of clothing that needs help, whether it needs a fix that hasn't happened yet, you aren't sure how to wear it or what to do with it, or you feel guilty that it's still in your closet. As a class, we'll do a show-and-tell to offer advice on whether to fix, repurpose, donate or keep each item.

About the teacher:

Rebecca Magee is the style storyteller in residence at ThisIWear.com, which uses stories of people and the things they wear to encourage conscious consumerism. She is passionate about thoughtful design, the luxury of the handmade, local artisans, global crafts, and helping people do good. Learn more here.


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