Girly Wirly

A girl that goes



The Entrance to a Magical Academy

My idea for this piece is that the magical "world" has an icy blue tint to it, very similar to how icebergs and snowy landscapes only seem to have a blue tint to them. I kept my base idea vague to see what else I could add to it throughout the creative process taught by Mr. Marcks.


I based the magical world color palette off of the top image and adjusted the color scheme to where all the tones in the image would only have blue in it and sampled some colors from it. (as shown in the bottom image).


Then, I wanted to play with the idea of viewing something that is almost never seen in an icy tone. Two landscapes that kept coming to my mind included deserts and forests. In an attempt to not completely copy the instructor, I decided to set the landscape in a forest. 

While looking at images of forests I saw a lot of unassuming cabins and cottages placed in these grand forests. I then got to thinking how fun it would be if in order to get into a magical world you had to go through this quaint little cottage. I felt that this idea is similar to how icebergs have a "more than meets the eye" quality to them. So from there, I had the idea of a tiny cabin in the woods with a warm color scheme, and a reflection of that cabin being displayed in an icy blue water.


From this point I knew what I wanted for my concept illustration and began compiling a Frankenstein image of all the elements I would want for the illustration (caution: this is a doozy to look at.)1d14ed63 

I then lowered the transparency of the above image and began to create the lineart, basic value plots, and added colors and extra values to the illustration:

Lineart, Values, and Color Palette


Full Illustration


Final Thoughts:

I had a lot of fun collecting all the images to draw inspiration from. I have never been this active with the first draft of an idea before (especially to the point where I spend more time on the "homework" of an illustration more so than the actual work). Some things that I would work on if I were to revisit this concept art include:

1. Pushing the contrast between the real world and the magic world (ie: intensify the blue colors more, changing the reflection of the cottage in the water to be something more grand)

2. Varying up my line weight to create more depth.

3. Being more strategic with my color palette to create deeper contrasts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a lovely rest of your day!


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