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The Enlighten Principle Blog

Hi there,

I began The Enlighten Principle a few years ago to help women lose a dieting mindset while providing true nourishment and living food to their bodies, while striking a balance in a soulful, joyful way. The blog I have at present is doing alright, but not great. I provide useful content but I don't have as much reader engagement as I have hoped so I would like to understand what could be more engaging and thought-provoking, as perhaps what I have been writing is not very exciting. 

Following Project Step 1, here we go!

Business Reasons:

  • Become known as a cleanse expert
  • Increase business contacts
  • Build audience
  • Engage readers
  • Earn more money from The Enlighten Plan (my digital download)

Personal Reasons:

  • Express my ideas and thoughts
  • Share personal experiences
  • Learn from readers



  • Men and Women (aimed more at women however)
  • 20 - 35 years old
  • Mothers, family-oriented
  • Experience in healthy eating
  • Living in cities mainly
  • Tablet/phone-friendly website


  • Fun-loving, energetic (or wants to be), helpful, kind, happy, seeking motivation, inspiration and wanting to be inspirational for others
  • Values spiritual view of life, being good to those around them, eating healthfully and being balanced in life
  • Attitude is one of self-control, loving kindness, and finding humor in life
  • Interests are in ecofying her life, reducing her impact on the planet, getting closer to nature, health pursuits, eating delicious food, expanding mind
  • Lifestyle is healthy, balanced, happy, active, energetic and calm within


Penny is 27 and works for a bank. She gets up early to go for a jog with her dog whom she loves, eats well and is in a relationship with a nice man who she thinks will propose soon. She likes to stay fit and is interested in cleansing and delving into her Self to understand herself and therefore life more fully. She likes to teach herself new skills and learn new recipes that are healthy. She is optimistic and has a great social life.

Penny wants children within the next few years and so wants to make sure her body is clean and healthy. She googles cleanses and such to approach cleansing in a healthful manner.


  • To increase web traffic 3 fold by January to engaged, interested readers.
  • To have a flow of blog pieces on consistent basis that does not feel forced, but inspires me as well as readers.
  • To utilize the blog material to expand on The Enlighten Plan.

The Enlighten Principle is a light, informative, and addictive blog focused on providing content about detoxification, cleansing and nutrition to women from 20 to 40, professional working women, and those healing from over dieting and chronic illness so that they can find enlightenment, peace and empowerment in their diet and lifestyle. 

Why are we doing this?

  • To help women find enlightenment with diet and lifestyle
  • To increase life force in the individual
  • To grow as a nutritionist
  • To gain experience to eventually write a book

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, we plan to: 

  • Attract more visitors to Enlighten Principle
  • Provide useful information
  • Sell more copies of the Enlighten Plan on a consistent basis


  • Tips on cleansing
  • Stories by inspiring lifestyle cleansers
  • Individual food profiles
  • Detox field updates in plain language
  • Detox book reviews


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Blog timing - every other day

I play all roles. My proofreader is a friend.


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