The English Whisky Company

The English Whisky Company - student project

Simpler sketch this time, I think I need to open elements up a bit as it's all a bit tight. I like the direction on this, but the space after english bothers me (I did exend the scroll but didn't like it) and the shield isn't working for me yet. Let me know your thoughts.

The English Whisky Company - image 1 - student projectWell I got a bit carried away doodling with the kids this evening. I am definately going to do a simple one now. This drawing lark is very addictive!!!

The English Whisky Company - image 2 - student projectSimplified version of the last logo. I think simpler still is where I am going.

The English Whisky Company - image 3 - student projectBit more doodling on this one, I still think it's too fussy. Going to work on some simple type label ideas next.

The English Whisky Company - image 4 - student projectTonight I have been trying another idea, keeping it simple. I want to include the shield and the George and dragon as a simple graphic illustrations. More work needed but like the direction.

The English Whisky Company - image 5 - student projectMy first few sketches on this, not really happy with any ideas yet. Enjoying the process..

The English Whisky Company - image 6 - student projectI'm a Graphic Designer from York, England. I mainly work on packaging related work but without much creative freedom. I have struggled with what to design a label for since Monday, but then settled on a whisky bottle.

In researching whisky it is clear it's an area with some great bottle and label designs, and it particularly lends it's self to hand drawen labels. So to make the project seem more worthwhile I tried to find something I thought was a good product but not really delivering the message with its packaging.

I found The English Whisky Company, they started producing whisky again in England in 2006 after product stopped over 100 years ago. The company has good product, produced from great ingredients and a story to tell. However I don't think this existing packaging is doing that for them.The English Whisky Company - image 7 - student project

Below is my first mood board for the project, I am wanting to really play with the typography on this one, as to me that is the exciting part of the project and unlike anything I would normally do.

The English Whisky Company - image 8 - student project