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The Empty Parlor

The focus of my screenplay is Pat Humbert from Steinbeck's "Pastures of Heaven"  I wanted to focus on the lonliness he has felt most of his life, while living with his parents on their farm.  In my version of the story, Pat's father has already passed away, and his mother has recently died.  Just as Pat begins to open up and venture outside of the world of his farm, a cruel twist of fate may cause him to become a hermit once again.  This is my very first screenplay and any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

7/23 notes: Final Draft

Here is the link to my fianl draft.  Thank you to everyone who liked my project and/or provided feedback.  I appreciate all of you, and good luck with your projects as well.

7/14 Notes:

I made some chaneges to the format, and included a logline (finally).  The link is posted below.  Thank you to everyone for your feedback!


7/2/14 NOTES:

I worked on the format of my screenplay, and made a slight change to the ending. So, I hope you enjoy it! The  link is below:






6/67/14 Notes:

Thank you to everyone who has read viewed my project so far and provided feedback! I really appreciated it.  This weekend I will review everyone's comments and continue to work on my draft.  The link to my screenplay is below.  Thanks again!

If this link doesn't work, I have also posted my project on my website, with the following link:

























































































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