The EcoLareco Family

The EcoLareco Family - student project





I decided to make a crest for My Family Project called “ECOLARECO”.


The Origin:

Since kids, me and his dad love to stay in the wild and also love to experience things and their stories, combining Ecology and Ethnography interests.

The idea predates my son birth, but the story only takes shape and name with him. with parenthood a trillion of questions pop up, and this one lead us to this project:  "What legacy should we give him?


The Goals:

Now, with a 2 year baby we feel the need to pass him, and also to other kids, "the legacy": instincts, interests and actions doing it by several graphic projects and activities developed in our home made heritage design lab: ECOLARECO.

We hope that some day he will camp with his kids and friends using printed t-shirts, caps and camp flags with this crest that we drew, with memories of our childhood, toking shape throughout his childhood and continuing through his life.

The Name::

ECO = refers to Ecological interests and Ecosystems
LARECO = represents our interest for ethnographic culture and it’s an idiomatic expression from my home town that mean that someone likes to be outside all the time, most usually applied to active kids.





1. We are curious minds and nature lovers, growing together in Santa Cruz, a small coast village in Portugal, Europe;
2. We are observers, most of the time in loco, going frequently in indoor and outdoor explorations, walking, hiking, diving, moving through any mean required;
3. We are thinkers, of what we don't know nor understand, it's an opportunity to talk about it in a truthful way, making links and relations more visible and comprehensive;
4. We are gammers, addicted to lists, playing with words and mind maps, just for fun;
5. We are storytellers, lovers of a good research, admirers of a smart selection and fans of synthesised interpretation;
6. We are communicators, interested in projects that focus awareness, exercising visual thinking and display of information, working with many kinds of media and styles: photography, engraving, illustration, urban and nature sketching, graphic design, creative writing, ...;
7. We are makers: a designer, an engineer and a kid;
8. We are builders, of a special familya lifetime project constructed with the story of our surroundings, from where we live to where we travel, with the sound of the perfect soundtrack and the taste of a delicious picnic;
9. We are humans, with an environmental approach, promoting the preservation and conservation of a legacy, environmental and ethnographical, on a pacific fight for what feels right;
10. We are sharing people, through ECOLARECO interventions, we show the world, one issue at a time, 







     - The ECOLARECO Family.


     - Sea Holly plant (Eryngium maritimum) _ represents our family name "Cardoso" that has his origins on the Portuguese version of this plant name: "Cardo"; it also represents the "roots to grow" because of it's extraordinary root system with 2 meters long, that helps to prevent erosion, fixating the dunes beach sand;
     - Keys _ 3 keys are one for each member in our family and they illustrates our family name "Chaves", that is keys in Portuguese; it also representes open to knowledge, unknown, and solutions.


     - Geography elements (sky and water in a bay that can be in a sea, a river or on a lagoon,  land, vegetation) _ representing several kinds of safe places where we toked the family to enjoy nature;
     - Kingfisher _ a bird ad it "wings to fly";
     - Moon phases _ representing the time passing by, the seasons, the cycle of life;
     - Wind gods _ The Anemoi representing the ancient explorers and their old maps, the north, south, east and west, the unknown, the changes, the danger such us global worming;
     - Sun _ is a complex symbol, representing the nature element (fire, light, vitality), the knowledge (strength, power, perfection) and the cycle of life and family (love, birth, youth, death, resurrection, immortality, royalty).


     - Blue;
     - Green;
     - Yellow;
     - Red orange;
     - Grey.


 “I think our job as parents is to give our kids roots to grow and wings to fly.”_ Deborah Norville

Rosa Chaves

Illustrator & Communication Designer