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The Eclectic Plan

Marketing Plan for Books by Clyde Hedges

1. I'm going to pitch my books to local media, TV, Radio Stations, Newspapers, and book stores.

2. I'm going to write my next novel, "The Return" for niche audience, science fiction, thriller.

3. I'm going to work on my subtitles.

4. I'm going to improve my media kit.

5. Write stories for on line magazines, especially romance.

6. Set up Google Alerts.

7. Work on Links.

8. Create a mailing list and use Chimp.

9. Submit my blog to other sites and guest host.

10. Give away portions of my stories on blog posts and emails.

11. Improve my tag line, "Clyde Hedges, the readable writer.

12 Use Twitter and other social media.

13. Pad for ads and get my reviews together.

14. Keep at it.


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