The Earth's Stories

The Earth's Stories - student project

Okay guys and girls, I present you my latest masterpiece. I know I still needs a little bit of polish here and there as it sounds sloppy, maybe because of my English. Taking this into consideration, this time around I will be able to comment on some of your work. Oh, and all names and titles are subject to change anytime because there is no way I am gonna stick with Johnny Walker.    




ELLY GREEN (10F) is an orphanage but no ordinary girl. Traumatized by her family loss in a car accident, she struggles to connect with people, and above all, to speak again. She craves to make friends but always end up feeling anxious. On a dreamy day, Elly decides to take a brief walk outside the campus gates but quickly loses her way back. Now, mute in horror, Elly is wandering along the endless streets. Left alone, she finds herself completely lost in the darkest backstreets of the megapolis city.


Faced with a challenge, adaptation and a rapport with local folks are the only things Elly must pursue in order to survive. With the onset of darkness, she learns to cope with her social fear as she continuously encounters with people. Left not understood, Elly meets a homeless guy named JOHNNY WALKER (32M), a former successful entrepreneur.


From this day forward, both learn to communicate with each other. Johnny, fascinated by the similarity between Elly and his currently living same-age daughter, is determined to help his new companion to find her way back home, the two eventually become friends.


However nothing precedes a bad day when out of the suddenly Elly abruptly falls down. Being accidently shot in a skirmish between two gangs, she lies face down in the puddle. As it sucks out every living bit of her body she recalls her family tragedy in a flashback. Now in the hands of her friend she is ready to join them. Johnny, being terrified by the accident, is reminded of his own daughter, which makes Elly’s quest complete. 



I've chosen to write the quest of Elly. It seems that the most of the classmates expressed their interest toward this story. I think it is going to be a challenging task for me to write this script because it is visually-driven, plus, it is a dramatic story so I need to convey the terror and emotions of Elly that she is experiencing every day. She will be a catalyst of change for a new character in the story - a homeless middle-aged man. 


Idea Pitches

1) The quest of Elly

Elly is not an ordinary orphanage girl. She is smart for 5 years old but also she is mute. Elly struggles to communicate with her peers and so becomes neglected. Left alone, she decides to take a brief walk but quickly realizes she has lost her way back. Vanished in the streets of megapolis Elly has to confront her deepest fears - talking to people. To breakthrough she needs to find out the means of communication. But will she be able to say a single word to a stranger, let alone find a friend? 

 2) The flood 

The story of Jonathan, the selfishness greedy bastard, is set in not-so-distant future. The Earth was already a dying planet and no longer a home. Some people left the Earth but the rest of civilization was wiped out as the result of great flood. Shortly after these events, Jonathan wakes up with a hangover in his luxury yacht only to find out he is drifting in the middle of nowhere, alone. Realizing the consequences and the dumb luck Jonathan accepts his survival as a gift from God promising HIM to finding and helping people. After countless days he is finally able to encounter with numerous survivors. However, there is not much room to spare with all of them. Now faced with dilemma, Jonathan must to make a God-like decision, which life to abolish and which one to cherish. 

3) The alien abduction

The story is about three friends (why always three?) who have confused the peaceful arrival of the first alien visitors to Earth with their invasion intentions. Pumped up by events, the army of three quickly decides to attack the invaders by surprise, which led to an alien hostage, harassment, and interrogation. The whole operation was actually documented by one of the offenders and uploaded to the YouTube website, to the whole world to watch. But the story turned all the way around, now the entire world is watching the guys being in the courtroom. Accused for endangering the world peace, the army of three must prove their innocence. Could the consequences jeopardize the relationship with the extraterrestrial brothers? New friends or enemies?