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Veronica Montemayor

Designer & Developer



The Early Bird


Hello Everyone,

This is my very first skillshare project, yay!

The concept first came to me while apartment searching with my boyfriend. We really liked this one apartment complex surrounded by beautiful trees, but decided to wait for the weekend to apply. To cut the story short, the unit got leased and the prices went up on the remaining available units. C'est la vie, right?

Anyway, here is what I have so far. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


Update 11/05/13

Wow! It's been forever!!!

Okay, so here is my final vector.

I loved the way my paper was absorbing the ink, so I tried to keep as much ink texture as possible without bringing over the paper texture. I reworked the bottom section too because I felt it still didn't go with the rest of the piece. I'm happy with it now!

I'll be uploading the final design soon, so stay tuned :)


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