The Early Bird Gets the Worm's Eye View

Along with everyone else I loved the class, the tangents, the debris, the whole thing. Thank you Aaron!

I was excited to make something for myself - it's been a loooong time since I've done that. 

I made a list of nice round circle items I could include - I like the idea of being about to switch out the icons for different projects. Went with the eye since it goes with design like nothing else: your perspective, your eye, your vision, etc. 

I took some selfies to get the shape of my eye (my neighbours got a good laugh out of that), and when I penned it into Illustrator realised it was looking a bit like a bird's head. THIS BIRD'S EYE VIEW, THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM'S EYE VIEW.. I had to work one of these cheesy phrases in there.

I was thinking about other related symbols, then I saw my printer - CMYK tears! Sadly all the colour was a bit too much so I took them back to black and white. I think they look a bit like feathers too. 

I added some eyelashes / bird hair .. for pizzazz. 

I will definitely revisit this project again - web address, email, etc. My slogan might need some reworking too. ha. 







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