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The Dude

UPDATE: I got a bit carried away with this project and ended up combining it with Fraser Davidson's Lip Sync class and chucked a bit of character animation into it too. It didn't end up having that much kinetic type because I thought it distracted from the characters a bit, but I thought I could extend the project out into a title sequence where this is the first two shots, then it cuts into more kinetic type/shape layer stuff with a little more character animation to introduce they key characters from the film. If that ever happens I'll post an update but for now here's where I got up to!

The Dude- Video

After doing the Shape Layers class, the Kinetic Type seemed like a good next step. I'll probably do a quote from the Big Lebowski, probably the classic "I'm the Dude" quote.

To get started I made this little thing using some of the typefaces I've been considering. They're all Position animations with squash & stretch applied via Scale & Skew to give them life.

Any feedback is welcome!


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