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The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy

I decided to complete the lingerie laundry design. It's supposed to play with the humor and sexuality in the book. The apartments in the D are supposed to represent Paris where the book is set. What do you think? What should be improved on?

I love Elaine Dundy's humor. This book is hilarious and the characters are so relatable. I recommend anyone read this book if you love laughing.

This concept comes from a couple repeating themes. The book is all about drinking, smoking, and living. Sally Jay, the main character drinks Pernod which changes colors once water is added, that would be the gradient color of the D. She is always losing things (and herself) throughout the book, and a pearl necklace is mentioned multiple times. This is why a strand of pearls is drifting throughout the letter. The cigarette would have a lipstick stain because Sally Jay notices her cigarettes.

This concept comes from the Champ Elysees. Sally Jay moves from the US to Paris and one day finds herself having epiphany after epiphany on this street.

The opening scene is one the most famous in the book. Sally Jay has to wear an evening dress all day because she can never pick up her laundry when it's open (and such is her life the entire book). This concept plays off of this idea. All of the laundry is underwear because The Dud Avocado is very open about sex and Sally Jay goes out seeking liberation.

These are all very rough drafts, mainly ideas I've been getting as I read. Let me know what you think.


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