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Benjamin Atkinson

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The Dry Gourmet: Non-alcoholic cooking wine with a long shelf-life and no preservatives

Business Model

The Dry Gourmet: We produce non-alcoholic, dehydrated cooking wines for home cooks who don't keep wine around the house.

Our markets include the recovery community, Muslims, Mormons, my Southern Baptist grandmother, people with certain health conditions and home cooks who don't keep wine on hand.


We're first to market and have a relationship with one of the only manufacturers with the necessary technology. We need to move toward an exclusive distribution agreeement.

We will perform the marketing, build hte supply chain and grow relationships with distributors/retailers. We will contract for the manufacturing, packaging and order fulfillment (for web retail).

We think the hard part will be growing sales to negotiate exclusive relationships with the manufacturer(s), while building a strong brand a loyal community, before other suppliers enter the market.

The Dry Gourmet story (video)

Determine Who You Are.

This time around, I'm taking the entrepreneur role. I've hired myself for too much and failed in the past.

This time, I plan to re-invent the product and create an evermore compelling story around it. Everything else (manufacturing, packaging, shipping, finance, customer service) I will put in the hands of people more capable than myself.


I found out that a purchase order is as good as cash.

My business plan and a purchase order gets my a line of credit at the bank. Of course, getting to the purchase order was the hard work, but I think many entrepreneurs can build relationships, refine their story and develop their offering to a point where somebody will say "I'll buy that." 

Also, some fans of my product have asked if they can invest in it. I like Seth's idea about giving them a royalty deal and I'd love to learn more about structuring that.


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