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The Drums - Portamento

I will be doing a cover for The Drums - Portamento Album.

Track Listing:

1. "Book of Revelation"     2. "Days"     3. "What You Were"     4. "Money"     5. "Hard to Love"     6. "I Don't Know How to Love"     7. "Searching for Heaven"     8. "Please Don't Leave"     9. "If He Likes It Let Him Do It"     10. "I Need a Doctor"     11. "In the Cold"     12. "How It Ended"  

Kind of looking for maybe a bit of a moody cover. Debating on wether it should be a night or daytime type colored cover.  To me, I kind of look at the album as trying to do better, but keep making the same mistakes, having people leave on you as well as a bit of troubles within yourself.

Here are my first 2 drawings.. Kinda want the NYC Skyline in the reflections of the tvs' or sunglasses.

ANY FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!! I don't take any criticism in a bad way! :)


Going to add in nose & mouth. Then will work on shading after that. Then finishing touches with color and textures.

Work In progress update 2:

Latest Edit:

Changed up the glasses, trying a different background as well..

Few more tiny tweaks..brought out the background a bit more as well.


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