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The Dreamers





I chose this movie because it is one of the most interesting I have ever seen. I don't have the tidiest way of doing things, but I'm going to try to structure it all. Though I won't show you my sketches, cause they are the size of stamps. 

The key words are: french, young, love triangle, amants, chic, feminine, longing, Paris, elegance, patterns, bohemian, sensual, crazy, energetic, intimacy, passion, flaws, forbidden. 

I have two versions right now. The first one is this:


I wanted to illustrate the love triangle between the three main characters of the film. For this purpose, I created shapes in Illustrator based on photos of the actors. Also, I tried to recreate the atmosphere of the apartment, so i included the flowery pattern (which takes the place of a bed cover). It also reflects in the choice of colours (at least the way I perceived it). 

The second one is a collage. I don't usually do this kind of work, so I had a lot of fun experimenting. 


It all started with the idea of the pink Sobranie cigarette. I wanted to turn it into the subject of the poster. Unfortunately, I didn't like any of my drawings, nor found good pictures of the object, so I improvised. I decided to make Isabelle the main subject and turn the cigarette into an accesory. So, basically, I tried to illustrate her (it's going to sound barbaric) frenchness, her style. She is a very chic young girl, who has certain habits and features, and kind of lights up the room. She is the star of the guys' fantasies, the center of the film (in my view). To make a concession, I kept the cigarette's colour in a B&W picture and added golden glitter where the golden sheet should've been. 

I think that's all :) I am still thinking about the third version for this poster. 

I look forward to your feedback, Ellen. Hope I'm not too late with the project. 


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