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The Dream Eater

It seems like a bit of a cop out that I'm doing art for a children's book.  Not much to it except that the illustrations are so vivid and stylized.  Perhaps I'll do a book longer than 27 pages another time.  

THIS BOOK, however, is one of my favorites from my childhood.  With the style of the illustration, I know that the Drop Cap will be a challenge.  I'm excited to work on this project.  The story is based on Japanese folklore, so I'll be drawing on some of that as well.


Little Yukio is constantly having nightmares and finds out his whole village is having them as well.  He tries to express is fears but all are too preoccupied with their own night terrors and send him away.  He finally goes to the river where he can not be shunned and there he finds and rescues an odd looking creature.  Turns out he eats dreams, specifically nightmares and he's starving.  TADAAA!  There's a village over yonder plagued with bad dreams.  Yukio leads him to bring peace to his village by eating all those horrors.  Now everyone can sleep and dream in contentment while the Dream Eaters belly has been filled to satisfaction.




There are some repeated words.  I did one set while reading and another after reading.  I'm waiting until tomorrow to start sketching, which I tell you right now, is a difficult thing.  I'm pretty new to Graphic Design so I'm going by what Jessica is saying and waiting.



I think I have a few more ideas I want to flesh out, especially to get more of a variety and perhaps more Letter centric rather than illustration centric.  Any thoughts on what I have now are welcome.

For an idea of the style used in the illustrations here is a page.  Smoke is the medium used throughout the book to tie everything together. It frames the illustrations and is used to separate dreams from reality.  I want to capture the watercolor look while using Illustrator and keep with the vibrant colors used.

Any thoughts so far?


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