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The Double Booked Band Caper

I came up with 2 solutions for this problem:

1) The band could offer a 'LIVE FROM THE EAST COAST' type of show. They are live on the East Coast, but they have a remote satallite feed to the West Coast show. And while the band is playing on the big screen, they could have a stage show going on, go-go dancers or something. (It works for Rob Zombie!!) This solves the equipment problem as well.

2) They can use the East vs West Coast time difference to their advantage. I made the assumption that the music festivles are all day.  They know they have be in two places at the same 'time'. Every band member I know has multiple sets of eqiuipment. They can send half their equipment to the East Coast, half to the West. They play early on the East Coast, which then can be considered their day of rehersal, catch their charted plane directly after the East Coast show. Sleep on the plane, rest their hands and voices. Land on the West Coast, arrive at the festivle in time to play. This solution allows the band to make the most money, get the most exposure and make all the fans happy. If the band is smart, they also split their promotional team up, so that the team can be in both places as well, selling T shirts and stickers. 


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