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The Dotted Pink Boutique

Once upon a time there were two graduate students having a marvelous time with their social entrepreneurship course in Peru. As they slumbered on the eve before visiting the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, they were awoken by their third roommate. Desperate to party the night away, she frantically stuffed her ID, cash, and other necessary items into her bra. As is all too common, the items made her breasts look wonky and slipped out. This frustrating situation occurs far too often for females--the need to carry personal items, but NO pockets.

Desperation led to inspiration and after a lot of sleep deprivation, Dot and Pink, AKA Arielle Newman and Nicole Sherwood, created the ZIPBRA. The ZIPBRA is a new sports bra that has a zippered pocket on each side to provide much needed pocket space for women on the go!

Unlike other similar pockets, the ZIPBRA adds in extra security for pocketed items that are both easy to get too and does not detract from the shapeliness of female breasts by hiding on the sides on the underarm. One pocket is smaller--the perfect size for ID cards, credit cards, keys, and cash--and one pocket is larger--spacious enough to hold a smartphone, a passport, or any other larger items. The pockets are made out of tricot to prevent moisture and sweat from damaging pocketed items. The bra itself is made from dry fit for optimal breathability and quick dry functionality. 

We are excited to begin this business venture and hope you all follow along as we evolve from two sleep deprived friends with a brilliant idea to The Dotted Pink Boutique--Inventors of the Zipbra!

We have just began this project and the prototype is being sown as we build the website. 

What we want from the website is a good landing page, a way for people to order their Zipbra from the online store. I also want it to be able to connect to our social media websites etc. 


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