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The Doctor's Orders

Thank you for reading my script! Great job everyone and good luck!!



Helen's life was hard, but whose fault was that? As her mother's mind fades, Helen must face some hard facts.


Final Draft

UPDATE 6/23:

Here is the first draft!


For my adaptation, I have chosen to use the fifth chapter of John Steinbeck’s “The Pastures of Heaven”.

I work in healthcare, and I picked this piece because I was drawn to the Doctor’s desperation to convey his concerns to an unfazed family member. His frustration with foolishness, and the Mother’s grip on grief, are both behaviors that I have encountered and can empathize with. I want to focus on the strength and weakness of the mind in this script; how despite the soul’s longing for peace and balance, we can find ourselves stuck in a cycle of self-destruction created by a fear of moving forward.

Here is an excerpt from Steinbeck’s story that sums up the struggles of these two characters.

“What is there to do, doctor? I can wait and hope. I know I can see it through, but I can’t take her to another man. I’ll just watch her and care for her. That seems to be my life.” She smiled very sadly and her hands rose again.

“It seems to me you force hardships upon yourself,” the doctor said testily.


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