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The Doctor's Dozen

For the past few months, I have been working on designing invitations, but my work lacks  because I don't feel I have a good grasp on the typography & grid like layouts that form the basics of good design, so I signed up to this course as soon as I saw it! While I don't have a 'real life' restaurant to work with, I thought I'd make one up. I have a great deal of 'Whovian' friends, and I thought I'd do, a bit cheesy, but a Doctor Who base restaurant-A themed diner/bistro kind of place without the tack of themed restaurants, with dishes referenced from the show. If I do a good enough job, it might make an interesting print to place in a Fan's dining room or kitchen...I have friends who I think would appreciate this...

So I made two moodboards: One with how I would envision the restaurant to look, and another with menu design aspects I liked. 

Because I can't help myself, I've alreday been playing with graphics, and have few ideas for a logo, and have hand drawn sillouttes of each of the Doctors as possible inclusions.


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