Alyson Lukk

Junior Designer, Hand Letterer



The Docs

2.18.13 Update!

Ok, I'm still trying to decide between the pinball or the pool table. Below are sketches of each with considerable color palettes. 

Guitar looking pool table:

OR Pool table 

The hand holding the pool que would be styled similarly to this

With this palette. The hand would be creepily flesh colored to stand out against the dark background

1st post: 

My main inspiration are companies like DKNG and the Anderson Design Group. I love the vector style artwork and hope to hone my skills to be similar! 

I am designing a poster for my brother's band The Docs. They are steadily growing in the College Station/Austin music scene and are about to release an album cut with a producer that did one of Jet's albums. They're sound has often been compared Kings of Leon. 

Originally I was thinking of doing a pool table with the balls either together or already broken, but then I started to play with a pinball theme and I'm really digging it. Let me know what you all think so I have a better idea of what direction to head in! If I do the pool table, it would definitely be a lot more detailed. 


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