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The District

Hailing from the D.C. area, I picked up photography about 3.5 years ago when a friend needed someone to film a theater class project for him. I was up for it and I shot the entire project with my third generation iPod Touch. I kind of laugh looking back at how mediocre that camera was; but in the end, it got the job done.

From then on, I'm not totally sure how photography stuck with me. I guess I was just fascinated with how you could just capture and save any specific moment of time with a single piece of technology. That concept still sparks wonders in my mind to this day.

There's not one specific subject that I enjoy shooting the most. I've sort of came up with this motto that I live by, which is: "Shoot Everything & Anything". Pretty much, if I'm intrigued by what I'm looking at, I will snap a shot of it.

I currently display my work on my instagram:

I'm looking to possibly start up a site besides my tumblr to showcase my work/portfolio.

Here are my four photos for this project:




Motion blur (night):


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