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The Disney Classics - The Written Inspiration

I am an absolute sucker for the historical classics - All Quiet on the Western Front, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, etc. - and although they are phenomenal stories with exceptional authors, they are often tales of protagonists whose stories are draped in darkness and death (not always, but given the ones I've listed, you get the picture).

For this project, I wanted a story of adventure that wasn't completely overcast by a dark and ominous theme; I was aiming for stories that rattle the emotions but leave room for a hopeful finale. So, I navigated towards a lighter and brighter set of classics: Disney. 

Of the original 15 Disney Classics, 12 are based on a novel, children’s book, or published folklore. These stories, in the order of their Disney release date, will be the basis for my drop caps. 

Classic. Adventurous. Heroic. And at times even dark. I'm thrilled to start!

First up: Snow White - The Brother's Grimm. (Dark and ominous. Oh, the irony.)


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