The Dismal View// Econ Blog

The Dismal View// Econ Blog - student project

This is the beginning of a branding project for a new economics blog.

A couple key elements to the brand:

  • Smart and Logical
  • Conversational
  • Touch of Humor
  • Informed
  • Challenging

The goal of the blog is to challenge common perceptions and to attempt to disprove false perceptions in the hopes of making what is true clearer.  I see this as being rooted in intellectual tradition (the science of economics and the cartesian approach to argument) yet very contemporary (utilizing current events and popular culture to assist in conversation, provocatively framing economics in easily relatable ways.)

Title/ Tagline

The Dismal View/ exhibiting diminishing marginal returns

Name comes from the term "dismal science" which refers to economics. It is used in a variety of ways one of which is political cartoons.

A few ideas::

The Dismal View// Econ Blog - image 1 - student project

The idea for this one is more conversational and informal, but still smart.


The Dismal View// Econ Blog - image 2 - student project

This one I was thinking more of an old school type headline. It is a little bit playful,


The Dismal View// Econ Blog - image 3 - student project

THe idea for this one is a badge/brand Smart but sort of a "approved" stamp. THe tagline would get smaller in size as it goes down playing on the diminishing returns idea.



The Dismal View// Econ Blog - image 4 - student project

For this one, wanted it to feel a little sensational. The line and circle underneath are referencing the visual representation of diminishing returns on a graph.


The Dismal View// Econ Blog - image 5 - student project

This one is a little more straight forward. Angular smart type with the W extending up and the tagline written underneath ina handwritten type font.


Im liking several of these and can see them used in the context of a blog. I would love to hear your thoughts! Im eager to jump in and start sourcing fonts/ creating vectors.

Jenn Romero

Owner/ Designer at Unurth