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The Disaster Artist Drop Cap Project

I love the movie The Room, and I recently read this book revealing the madness behind Tommy Wiseau's crazy film. I can't wait to create a drop cap for it!


Merry Christmas! I finally started working on this project after a tough round of finals and a long relaxation period. After doing my research, I had a couple ideas, but only really liked two of my sketches.

#1 -- The pocket is a reference to a line in The Room that is said by the author of the book ("Keep your stupid comments in your pocket!"). There's also a point when the main character pulls a tape out of his shirt pocket. Roses show up everywhere in this film. It seems that Johnny buys Lisa roses every other day over the course of the plot. The spoon is an inside joke with audiences. The three together kind of sum up the movie and what it's about -- betrayal, love, and hilarity. 

#2 -- First of all, I apologize for the roughness of the drawing. You probably can't tell what everything is right now...

In this sketch the G is made of piles of stuff that relate to the book and the film. The book talks about Tommy's crazy apartment and how much random crap litters the ground, so I included specific items mentioned like lots of papers, a blue unicorn, shopping bags, and hair dye. I also added things that are little nods to jokes within the film (footballs, roses, spoons, wine, pizza, the gun, the red dress, tapes). This one is perhaps less creative than the first idea, but I love how it showcases the items and jokes that connect the fans to Tommy, The Room, and The Disaster Artist. 

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: 6/19

It's been a long time, and I hope someone still checks up on this class occasionally. I'm almost finished with my drop cap, but I can't seem to get the colors quite right. Here's what I have at the moment. Feedback would be appreciated!


I tweaked the colors, and I like it more now, but there's still something about it that doesn't seem quite right. However, I decided I'm done with this project until further notice, so I made a nice little mock up of the cover. 


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