Francesca Marano

Digital Doula



The Digital Doula

While this is an existing business, I am ready to take it a step further in 2014 and make it more profitable and scalabe then ever.

Lesson #1

My mission is to assist creative women while they give birth to their online presence. Technology can be a scary thing for women in transition and having someone that not only builds you a website or a facebook page but helps you understand the whys and the hows behind it is very encouraging.


  1. income stream #1: website development, done with Wordpress
  2. income stream #2: classes, live and online, about preferred topics such as wordpress, blogging, business planning
  3. income stream #3: ads on my blogs
  4. income strea #4: ebooks


  1. A computer!
  2. Adobe Cloud
  3. Premium Plugins
  4. Continuing Education

Human Rescources

  1. Me
  2. Social Media Manager
  3. VA


Women, aged 30-50, mostly in transition, creative types and crafters. They are trying to transform their hobby in a business and don't want to waste money in learning the techy stuff, they prefer to concentrate on the creation. 


  1. The hard part: the one-on-one work, while I love to code I find it tiresome to interact with so many clients at the same time.
  2. The unique part: me! Clients love to interact with me, online or in live classes, I bring tons of energy and fun to the table.
  3. Repeatable: concentrate on classes and ebooks

Lesson #2

I am a freelancer and I dream of becoming an entrepreneur! Right now I:

  1. ensure a steady stream of work through referrals and word of mouth.... beyond my wildest expectations. By taking on only projects I am interested in for clients with a good visibility I ensure that my name is associated with quality projects.
  2. create an environment where I don't go crazy by hiring some other freelancers to do stuff that I don't want to do (admin & marketing)
  3. consistently rise my price, doubled my rate in a year, increase the quality of my work through continuing education and generate a waiting list for my time (no more than 6 projects per month, lowering it to 4 when I will raise my prices again in Autumn)

Lesson #3

At the moment I don't need funding. I might need it when I'll make to move from freelance to entrepreneur ;-)

Lesson #4

  • Who are the first employees you need? Social Media Strategist and Virtual Assisant
  • Where will you find them? In my inner circle, I know a bunch of talented ladies
  • Why would they join you? Consultants, not employees
  • How will you tell the good ones apart from the convenient ones? I have seen their work, I know them personally, I love what they are doing for other small businesses.
  • What's your funnel? Inner Circle
  • After hiring people, how will you evaluate them? Measurable results, in my case Facebook Insights
  • How long after starting will you give people a formal review? No formal review 
  • What's your approach for talking about the uncomfortable? Straight to the point! This is what I can pay, what can you do for this amount of money?
  • Are you asking people to do work that's been done before, or to explore the edges of a new universe? Been done before, by me, with inconsistent results.

Since my business grew so much in the last 4 months, I decided I needed to let go one thing that is sucking up too much of my time and that, frankly, I am not doing well enough.

I hired a Social Media Marketing Strategist to help me outline a strategy for my Facebook page. I decided to go one channel at a time, cause I don't have the resources (time & money) to take care of one social media channel at a time.

Since entering Facebook for me means losing lots and lots of time checking all my friends activities and links, I also decided to hire a virtual assistant to schedule posts in FB for me. To be extra sure that I don't waste any time on FB I restricted my access to it on my work computer, so now I access it only from my "liesure" tablet!

We are working on a 3 months plan: after this we will evaluate if we are a good fit and if we are we will decide how to proceed (invest more on Facebook? Add some tasks to my VA?)



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