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The Dewpond


Band: Nicole Strachan
I am working on my own EP art. I am releasing a 5-song EP in August. I have other instrumentalists/singers featuring on the EP, but have not yet created a band, so I don't yet have a band name.

EP Title: The Dewpond
Tracks: 1. Angel  2. The Dewpond  3. Heart-Shaped Cakes  4. Minesweeper  5. Feet Dipping

Research: A few years ago, I realeased a 4-song EP called Disappear. The album art was hand-drawn and had bright colours. I hope again to have hand-drawn elements, but go in a more graphic-design direction this time around.

"The Dewpond" comes from a book by Leonard McDermaid (local bookmaker) called Ten Sad Songs. The word "merrow" was by itself on a page, so I thought I'd finish the song. The song is essentially about a mermaid in a pond. Key words from the song: Green, Starfish, Sea, Mermaid, Horses, Seaweed.

Other images from other songs: Ship, Coral, Oysters, Palm Trees, Desert, Oasis, Elephant.

I thought combining some elements would be useful. Perhaps several images are on the mermaid's tail. I tend toward blue and green colours in my artwork.


I have created a board on Pinterest, including colours, other band's album art and videos that inspire me when I look around. I love the hand-drawn effect of Dry the River's album cover and the brighter colours appeal to me. I want people to think of The Dewpond as a happy, adventurous place, although it is slightly dark.

Preliminary Sketches

These are sketches of pond-related images I started with:


I also painted some textures in my studio:

Here are my thumbnail and final sketches:

I made a colour palette online:

I also did a rough outline of what I want my pattern to look like in Illustrator, which caused me to rotate it:

I added fonts and a few textures - I think the font on the bottom right is my favourite thus far because of the way the T and D work together.

FINAL?? I'm gonna sleep on it... 


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