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The Dew Family Crest

The story of Dew.

Hundreds of years ago in a distant country their was this giant mountain where the morning dew seemed to always linger......


Ok, seriously though, I did some research on my family and couldnt find too many crazy intersting things. That would make sense, seeing as that we are a pretty chill family. Its cool though.

So I figured I would create a crest that made some connection to my family currently. Still made for a fun project.

The Sheild: a home-plate

The Shield Elements:

Top Left - a mountain (obviously).

Top Right - treble clef; my immediate family and I are all muscians.

Bottom Left - the scar on Harry Potter's forehead; my wife is OBSESSED with the Harry Potter series, books and movies, I figured bad things would happen if I didnt include it.

Bottom Right - paw print representing our cat Bonnie Lass and our general love for pets.

The Laurels:

Inside - basball bats with baseball (connecting with the home-plate); my Dad and I both played baseball for the majority of our childhood through high shool; it was some of the best times of my life. 

Outside - sunflowers; these are my wife's favorite flower and the primary flower we had at our wedding.

We have relatives all over the nation but have a strong hub in North Louisiana, which is where I live. 

And we all love the color green :)

Thanks for checking it out! Comments and suggestions are welcome! 


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