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The Devil's Teeth - by Susan Casey


The Devil's Teeth is about the Farallon Islands, 27 miles outside of the Golden Gate, and the natural Great White shark capital of the world. More than a story about sharks and the Farallones, The Devil's Teeth is about obsession and human arrogance in the face of nature. The title refers to the nickname given to the islands by sailors for their intimidating and jagged appearance. The Farallones are also known to have extremely harsh weather for much of the year, and for the remarkable size of the sharks that return each season. It's so treacherous boats aren't allowed within 300 feet without permits from the US Fish & Wildlife Service. 

Characteristics of the island that might translate to letterform: organic, strong, subtly captivating (researchers discovered the unique shark behavior while there to study birds,) rough?, worn (the islands have been subject to centuries of human abuse from oil spills to destroying native species,) old and isolated. 


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