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The Devil in the Rain Map

My goal is to create a map that illustrates and enhances an audio story I performed, that tells the tale of a camping trip gone horribly wrong. I would like to play a little with topography and location data, since this is a well-documented trail, but I would also like to create a strong visual story featuring some of the powerful experiences of the trip, such as bears, storms, and fierce camping partners.

In the end, I hope to have the map on my website, and have it integrate with other digital media, including the audio story of the hike, weather data, and photographs.

The digital recording of the story can be found here:

My first map, my bike path when I was a kid:

This is a map I made to my house -- I think I will use it often.

I made a Google map of the camping path, though I am a little fuzzy on the details:

And this is a screenshot:

I'm going with my weather/elevation/time map (below in comments). The original was made in Paper, this one I'm doing in Illustrator, trying to keep some of the sketchy elements, but also make it more readable. I'm adding more narrative bits, too, some of which are in the audio clip, but not quoted. Still in progress, would love feedback!

I made a couple more tweaks to this map, and then I also did something entirely different: a map of my old street. There are more than 50 identical bowfront rowhouses, so I played up the similarities, and added notes to each house. Still needs some work -- feedback welcome!


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