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The Devil May Care But I do Not

For my idiom I chose the well known “The Devil May Care But I Do not”.  I chose to work with this idiom because I like it’s care-free connotation. For me it’s about freedom of ideas and speech. It’s about breaking free of the shackles of life and doing what you please, free from other peoples opinions. If you like it’s saying a little FU to the world. I’m me. Deal with it! So in a nutshell I chose to depict things which represented freedom and being free.

First the word list and sketching…



Alot of sketching :)…


Then a little more refinement…


And then the ink. I like to draw each item separately as it gives me more control when I eventually get onto the computer.


And here it is I really chuffed with it. I chose the vibrant colour pallet because I wanted this to feel positive. I hope you like it and Ill be interested to know what you all think.



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