The Devil Makes Three Tour Poster

The Devil Makes Three Tour Poster - student project

The Devil Makes Three - Tour Poster

This poster will be, presented to the band as spec work.  I hope to land the next tour, which is not been anounced yet.  TDM3 is unique in the way they merge a deperate and explosive sound to create something that sounds timeless.

It is my goal to create a stunning poster the band will choose to use for thier next tour.

Small Bio of Band:

With a slightly punky perspective on vintage American blues, The Devil Makes Three is a breath of fresh musical air on its eponymous Milan debut. Laced with elements of ragtime, country, folk and rockabilly, the critically praised, drummer-less trio – consisting of guitarist/frontman Pete Bernhard, stand-up bassist Lucia Turino and guitarist Cooper McBean – brings forth a genuine approach to acoustic music that is deeply steeped in rhythm.

“The rhythm is what our band is about,” Bernard enthuses. “We write with rhythm and dancing in mind.” Launched with the “The Plank,” an ode to meeting one’s maker, The DMT’s infectious amalgam of styles talks the talk and it walks the walk right out of the starting gate.


Poster Theme:

Based on the song, "The Plank"  I would like to a ship out at sea.  Something about the way the these guys play makes me think desolation meets cataclysm.  I have been working more and more on naratives in my posters,  it seems to be so difficult to tell a whole story with just one image.   Will it be before the climax? the aftermath of the event? where is it staged? what meaning does it have?  When I signed up for this class a month abo I had this idea in my head, and have done a few sketches to lead into this project.  In the meantime I have created 4 other gigposters, for actual events.  I want it to be clear I have saved this for this class, in the hopes that my peers can help me make this what I want it to be. 

The Devil Makes Three Tour Poster - image 1 - student project

Here is my first sketch, I will have to wait to after work tofay to upload the other two.  But atleast here is a taste of what I am thinking.  I have been sketching boats, and this littly dingy is not staying.

more to come this afternoon

The Devil Makes Three Tour Poster - image 2 - student projectThe Devil Makes Three Tour Poster - image 3 - student project

Playing with a couple more ideas here...

Working on final sketches today, I have been super busy with other projects. Which is awesome! in the past three weeks here is a few related things I have completed.The Devil Makes Three Tour Poster - image 4 - student project

1 and 2 are clearly both promo posters, number 3 here was screenprinted and taken on the tour with the band.  (got to blow your own whistle a little). Number 2 here ofcourse I am still waiting for the final line up, and those names are just jabberwocky place holders.

Here is a reference photo I am using for the boat

The Devil Makes Three Tour Poster - image 5 - student project

And I have decided to go with a mechanical shark.  Here is what I have for now..

The Devil Makes Three Tour Poster - image 6 - student project

18x24 Black paper no color shemes in concrete, working a nightime look. Critiques please!

Christopher Shaw
Illustrator, Printer, Janitor @ Whiskeyfoot prints