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The Devil Makes Three - Band Poster

Hi everyone! 

Here is my poster for the Devil Makes Three. I may upload more pics later (of the color separation) if I have time but I have a very busy weekend ahead, so I might as well upload what I have at the moment. 

I love the band; I got lucky enough to see them live a few times and they're starting a new tour, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to make them a poster! Their aesthetic is usually darker and a bit somber (black and brown, with gothic inspired fine line artwork) probably inspired by the word "devil" in their band name. So I wanted to try to put a twist on it and give as much importance to the other words and make the poster a bit more fun and colorful than their usual style, while keeping some of the "weirdness" quality.

Their music draws from a wide range of influences and is usually categorized as americana, but they've also been called folk or country. Their main instruments are the guitar, banjo and upright bass, which I used as symbols of the three musicians and to reflect the band name. I tried to keep the poster very simple, and I listened a lot to their records while making it, which inspired the twirly lines.

I made a few sketches and changed the lettering around quite a bit until I found something I liked. I scanned in different elements and put them back together in Illustrator, playing around with sizes and colors.

It was a really fun project to do, specially trying to keep it simple and organic, I really enjoyed being limited by only three colors, weirdly enough! 

Let me know what you think, what works, what doesn't! Thank you for looking at my work! 

The poster: 


My original sketches: 



And the scans: 





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