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The Devil Himself

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

For my project I chose both poems "Ollie McGee" and "Fletcher McGee" from Spoon River Anthology. These two were not originally my first choice, but when I sat down to write about another poem I had read, I found myself writing a screenplay about these two characters. I was struck by the depravity of the situation, and this unhappy yet enduring union. Coming from an Indian family, and therefore being thoroughly exposed to the Indian culture, this relationship reminded me of some arranged marriages. To set this story in modern times and still have it be believable, I'm using the arranged marriages that are still very common in the Indian culture to portray why two people who despise each other were placed in a union that they stayed in until the end (since divorce is still uncommon in the Indian culture). I also took the side of Ollie McGee in my screenplay, using the patriarchal structure of Indian society to show how Fletcher McGee emotionally abused her. 

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

Criticisms are much appreciated!


Draft 5:

Draft 4:

Draft 3:

Draft 2 (some minor edits):

Draft 1:

Step 3: Writing Your Logline

When an elderly widower tries to ignore the one year anniversary of his wife's death, he finds himself being haunted by not only her presence, but the cold hard truth of the past. 


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