The Deep

The Deep - student project


This is my free form project, unfortunately I seem to always work at night and didn’t have the best lighting so apologies for the dark and a bit blurry pics!

I started with Pthalo Turquoise and just went with it. I’m not happy about the blob attached to the bottom left ... it seemed like a good idea at the time. For me this ended up being ocean-like, with a school of fish riding the currents ... 


The Deep - image 1 - student project


For my planned project I wanted to have delicate feeling as the first project I felt was a bit bold in colour and form. This time I imagined a nebulous cloud forming a star but in negative colour and trying to practice negative space. I’m happy with the results but feel I could work on improving the edges of the clouds as they seem a little flat to me.. however I do like scattering of space matter like dust in the wind .. I don’t feel it’s as abstract as I hoped but I’ll keep practicing!


Thank you Marie-Noelle for yet another amazing class. I never thought to work abstract before your classes but I feel they are opening a whole new portal of self exploration =] 

The Deep - image 2 - student project