Melinda Haines

Graphic Designer



The Deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes (until I think of something different)

I am creating a heat map and graph illustrating the top 5 deadliest hurricanes from 1900–present... I might include the hurricane's category.

The pink colors are a place holder for the moment but if I do keep "Deadliest" in the title I will change the colors to shades of orange or red.


Here is a color palette and typeface update to the last...

I still need to update the dates and other info.


Tweaking the heat map to show the hurricane category.


1/26/13: ok. I've decided to focus on the top trhree deadliest storms and have added their storm paths with scale of path intensity.


Update 1/27

I took into account the great feedback I have received and made several changes to create a better hierarchy elements.


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