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Chasity Hampton

CEO of Whimsical Designs by CJ, LLC



The Dark World: Age of Science

I've loved how science to many in the past was deemed evil in the olden days.

So what if in the a post-apocolyptic future it was evil. If science had truly become evil, I imagine the environment would reflect that by being heavily clouded with pollution rendering the environment unbreathable and nearly unlivable. Most of those who remain have to wear a helmet that sifts through the heavily toxic fumes for oxygen, while creatures that are made by these scientists do not.

I wanted to come up with anthro/humanoid characters of light and darkness in this future. They are all scientists, but all chose to use their knowledge in either good or very bad ways.
Much feedback is welcome. I'm just getting into digital drawing and this is my first thumbnail. I would love to hear what you think.

So I took the suggestion of a fellow student and changed my background to a darker color to bring out a 3d effect and highlights. She was right I noticed a major difference. It even inspired me to do the thumbnails the correct way. I kept the helmets for my characters, one of them I really like and some of the others I feel could be pushed more. Let me know what you think!


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