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The Curly Comb

I thought of this idea for a hair comb for curly hair types.  I did a rough draft, which is pretty funny, but it's what I had in my head.  I then asked an artist friend of mine to design a sketch which he did with great results.  I sent the sketch to a design agency and had a Computer Animated Design (CAD) drawing done.  After having the CAD drawing done, I sent them to a Rapid Prototype company and had some SLS protototypes made.  I would like to begin selling this design to beauty supply and big box stores like Target. 


Product Name:  The Curly Comb.

Description: A hair comb with spiral shaped teeth for curly hair types.

Target Retail Price: $ 8-10

Main Selling Points:  A hair comb alternative to the traditional comb for curly hair types, that leads to less pulling and snapping of curly hair.

Target Customers: Men, Women and children with curly hair types.

Resale Outlets:  Beauty supply stores, Target, Walmart QVC.

Competitors:  Traditional Hair Comb Makers.

Why my product stands out from the competition: This is the first hair comb made specifically for curly hair.


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