The Culture Collective

The Culture Collective - student project

The Culture Collective Connects dreamers and mentors.  We place a platform for budding creatives to connect, build and go forth socially, artistically and with innovative measures. We are a social movement.

X for Y:  Collaborative mentorship for creative innovators. 

The Culture Collective is a collaborative campaign, as well as a social one.  When we say we are a collective, we mean it.  We use social currency to build up our artistic abilities. 

The Culture Collective addresses two needs:  Social collaboration, as well as Social enrichment. 

We are one half social/ and one half creative. 

Our Social Enrichment Campaign is based upon enriching  young creatives who are not represented in the creative field.  We push forth the legacy of social currency by giving back through community outreach-through creativity and in return, addressing the social problems that we all face head on as human beings. 

Our Creative Enrichment Campaign is based towards helping budding artists build up their creative portfolio.  This is for all ages.  

The Problem:
How often have you had a deadline/ project - and needed a specific element/ a royalty free song perhaps.   Branding?  Photography? Design? And yet, you did not have the connections nor the resources to get your project done effectively and profeessionally. 

We offer a place to create a collaborative portfolio, a place to build creativity and digitially with others.   We offer up cutting edge, dream based collaborations.  People are in need of this, it is inevitable that we help others and go forth in cultivating are creative needs.

This if for:
Anyone in the digital creatives field who has a need for building up their portfolio, as well as making connections.   Film, design, technological based web development, sound production.   Anything that can be done collaboratively through the digital realm, as well as locally.

Since we are in the early drafting stages of how both of these campaigns/mantras will work - here are some UNDER-DEVELOPED, simplified examples of how this will all work:

The Culture Collective - image 1 - student project


How the Collaborative platform works:


The Culture Collective - image 2 - student project

The Culture Collective - image 3 - student project