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The Crybaby Ranch

I decided to create a label/logo for a local rockabilly band. They played at my wedding last year, and my husband and I attend their shows when we can. They do a lot of cover songs -- Ernest Tubb, Rosie Flores, and per our request they even played "Jump in the Line" by Harry Belafonte at our wedding. They've recently started doing some originals too, written by their fiddle player, Susan. I hope to see them record an album someday, and if they do, maybe this logo will appear on the album art. 

Here's their current 'logo' that appears on their facebook page. It isn't bad looking, but I don't think it represents them very well:



I found some great lettering inspiration from vintage cigarette labels and hotel signs. The "TAVERN" sign above has great rhythm in the layout and I could see something like that working well for this label.

I've always loved the old Arby's sign with the giant cowboy hat. Some specific icons I'd like to try to incorporate are a rose (the ladies in the band usually wear flowers in their hair at their live shows), a guitar (or maybe a guitar pick like the one pictured above, which the band gives away at their shows), and maybe a cowboy hat. I guess it's time to get sketchin'!


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