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The Crusade for the Extraordinary Extra-Interesting Orthodontic Experience

As of today, there is not genetic marker for crooked teeth.  Orthodontists have  a steady stream of potential patients, which is the good news.  The challenge is the market has become more competitive.  I am striving to find new ways to make the experience at my husband's practice "Bedford Orthodontics' more remarkable.

Aloha!  Vintage Hawaiiana is the decor and theme of this Massachusetts based office. We have vintage travel posters, framed ephemera, tropical plants and free kona coffee in the waiting room.  This is designed to inspire conversation with the patients that goes beyond the boring ortho and teeth discussions.  It gives the clients a way to relate to the doctor without the doctor doing all the talking.

Here are pics of the office.

Here is a notepad giveaway I designed to give to dental offices, the moms and any other friend of the practice.

I can design advertising and materials for the office.  Where I need help is what else can I do to enhance the experience for office visitors.  


Thurs 3/20.  I just emailed the local paper and offered to submit an article about the office and it's cool decor.  The paper editor emailed back a big yes almost immediately.  Newspapers are always looking for content, and if you offer to write it yourself, you get the message you want across and you make their job easier,  plus, it's free!


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