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The Cronut

I spent ten minutes scribbling my ideas in a sketchbook, now comes the fun part of organzing everything in a legible way.


  • The inspiration for the cronut began with a series of questions, such as:
  • What is so appealing about the shape of a doughnut? If another food had that shape, how would it affect the experience of eating that food?
  • What would be the perfect breakfast doughnut?
  • We have cake doughnuts, fried doughnuts... What doughnut hasn't been done yet?
  • Why haven't more Americans heard of/eaten baklava? It has the sweetness and stickiness of a doughnut, with the flakiness of a croissant. What would an Americanized version of baklava be? Would changing the way it looked make it more appealing to Americans?


  • Research doughnut and croissant recipes and baking techniques
  • Practice baking doughnuts and croissants separately; master both before attempting to combine them in a new recipe
  • Create a Venn diagram that shows how the recipes and baking conditions differ, and how they might overlap
  1. What are the necessary conditions for each?
  2. Which characteristics of each pastry do I want to keep, and which can I compromise?
  3. What are the necessary ingredients/conditions for each pastry for the characterstics I want to keep?
  4. Will the requirements for one pastry interfere with the other? If so, how will I get around that?
  • Start experimenting with combining recipes and techniques
  1.  Carefully document recipe, baking conditions, and results of each attempt
  2.  Each time, make a note of what was successful and what to aim for next time
  3.  Refine the recipe after every attempt until satisfied with the result
  • It takes MANY attempts to perfect the recipe
  • How will the cronut be marketed?
  • Let the public in on my experiment! That's the best way to get them excited about the product. If they witness the creative process behind the cronut, they'll be just as excited as me when I reach success.
  1. Make a Youtube series following my attempts to create the cronut
  2. An informative behind-the-scenes look at a bakery, as well as a glimpse into the creative process
  3. New episode for each attempt; build the suspense as they wait for the successful cronut
  4. Have the Youtube channel playing in the bakery so customers can watch
  • Make flyers and posters advertising the cronut around town; banners for the bakery
  • Word of mouth
  • Free samples

Brainstorming words: flaky, sweet, sticky, soft, moist, icing, sugar, hole, round, glaze, dessert, pastry


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