Brianna Johnson

Graphic Designer



The Crest

I feel like I spent entirely too much time on this, which probably could have been avoided if I had concepted some sketches before just jumping into illustrator. But I was too excited to get to work!

I struggled with deciding whether to go with Johnson or Carroll in the beginning. While Johnson is my last name, it would have felt like a nice ode to my mother's maiden name Carroll, which there aren't many original Carrolls left in my family. But ultimately, Johnson is really who I am and grew up as.



I curated some reference images and started building out some basic forms for the crest and the laurel. I tried following some quick banner shapes according to Aaron's suggestions, but I wasn't super happy with how blocky they felt rather than fluid, so in the end was happy with the banner that I chose in the following designs.

As I was building my crests, I struggled with what I wanted to represent about my family, so you can see I kinda gave up on the three and started focusing on one that I really just liked the aesthetic.



The icons were so hard for me! I wasn't exactly sure what the heck to do. So I made an icon to represent my Grandma's pancakes as that is a beloved family recipe. The jet represents that many of my family members serve in the military, my parents specifically served in the Air Force. The sunrise represents our love for the the beach, which I think we all would love to see more often. And the game controller, the die and card represents my family's love for these hobbies, and enjoy family time together playing. At first I was concerned that I didn't really have anything unique, but that became less important as I just wanted to be true to what we really enjoyed as a family. Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with any family sayings/phrases.

At first I was really digging the black and white colors, but I also fell in love with the blue/yellow/gold color scheme.




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