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Andrew Woods

Owner/Founder at The Creators - MMXII



The Creators

Based in Portland, Or, The Creators was founded in VIII-MMXII by two brothers motivated to build a special brand. Two brothers that moved over 13 times in a span of 18 years. Spending time under the influence of many different cultures...from the laid back streets of the Pacific NW, to the sunshine of California, and the progressive and old-world styles of Europe.

Our products are designed, made, and sourced in the USA, but our Inspiration comes from everywhere.  We are particularly interested in and moved by the process of Creation, Propaganda, History, Music, Politics, Sports, and the feeling of Nostalgia. 

The Creators is a brand that seeks to go beyond trends, beyond what's hot, and yes, even beyond swag. We're motivated to create, create something for ourselves, create an opportunity to express the part of us that is not apparent at surface level. Using that motivation, we hope that you find a part of yourself in us.

Beliefs:  We believe, we believe in freedom, we believe in the work, the workers, the doers, the people that make shit happen.  We believe that it is beautiful to create for the sake of creating.  We believe that less is more.

Designer & Artist Robert Lenne said it best, "The world is shaped by people who make--whether they make art, buildings, stories, or businesses.  What we make shapes the people around us and the people around us and the people who will come after us.  Makers have a responsibility to reflect on the impact of what they put out in the world."  


This is just the beginning...



"Creators Don't Stop"


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