Thea Pilarczyk

Animator, Media Designer, Storyteller



The Creative Process - Storyboard (Thumbnails)

June 16th 2013

Hi all! I'm coming very late to this project, but I'm really looking forward to your feedback.

This is scene one/page one of a short film I want to animate, just the thumbnails really...once I get the camera angles and staging correct I'd like to move on to more refined storyboards. But in the mean time, will you tell me what you think about what I've fleshed out so far? Does it make sense what's going on?

Here are the story points:

  1. Once upon a time, there was a woman who had an idea.
  2. Every day, this idea plagued and annoyed her no matter where she went, or what she did. It was very distracting, but no one else could see it because it existed only in her head.
  3. Until one day, she decided she had to get it out of her head and onto paper.
  4. Because of this, she pulled out her tools.
  5. And because of this, she had a fierce battle with the idea.
  6. Until finally, the idea was on paper, but not as beautiful as it used to be in her head.
  7. Ever since that day, she is able to share her idea with others, who themselves grow ideas influenced by what they can see.



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