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The Creatørs Club

Oslo, Norway  (59.9500° N, 10.7500° E)

Belong to where you are

About us
After a long and cold Nordic winter in the making we are proud to finally share with you our brand, The Creatørs Club. The Creatørs Club is for the thinkers, creators and doers out there. Our mantra is to belong to where you are at every given moment in life. Be it on top of a mountain by yourself, passing through a small town on your travels or creating something with friends in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Through a mixture of nostalgia, Scandinavian minimalism and a passion for vintage Americana we aim to create high quality individual lifestyle products and apparel in limited numbers. Using quality materials, balancing proportions, and attending to details, we strive to create modern classics that age well.

While strongly grounded in Norwegian culture The Creatørs Club is dedicated to serve as a vessel for its peers in the creative community through on going screen printing workshops and creative collaborations. No matter where one lives there will always be a bond that links the creative community to which The Creatørs Club is a proud supporter of.   

As a brand and as people we look forward to take part, learn and be inspired by the creative journey of this workshop. 

Logo and stationary

Branded vessel

A look inside the club

Inside the club

Tools of the trade

It is all in the detail

Pop, lock and overlock

Cut to order

Mastery takes time. Screen printed using superior quality water based inks

Sneak preview of coming collections

Main label

Outside label

Golden Kantarell crew neck

Lucky 13 hoodie

Lucky 13 sweat shorts

Alphabet series zip hood

Sjø & Land badges

Sjø & Land are high-quality embroidered badges. Inspired by Norwegian heritage, culture and the outdoors, theses badges are designed for the explorers of the world. Available in ten different designs.

The forest badge
Almost every Norwegian has a forest in their neighbourhood. This badge speaks to the urge of heading out into the wilderness whilst getting in tune with nature.The mountain badge
This badge depicts not only the beauty of the countless mountain peaks in Norwegian nature, but the courage it takes to climb and overcome life's challenges.The golden kantarell badge
The gold rush might long be over, but deep in the Norwegian pine forest still lives a yellow mushroom that shines like a flower and is worth its weight in gold. This badge speaks to the adventurer in you in the land of newfound opportunity.

Each badge is individually packaged in a beautiful handmade envelope, alongside a little story about each one. All badges come with instructions on how to apply them.

Sjø & Land badge set

Retail box
Handmade in the club with pine and branded with our logo.

The North Sea Capsule Collection

Since the times of our ancestors, the North Sea has been the cradle of adventure, commerce and conquest. Inspired by this great ocean and its many stories, The Creatørs Club sets sail to release its first capsule collection – The North Sea. The collection praises the bravery of the explorers of the past and encourages all of us to take a path less travelled. 


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Goods from The Creatørs Club will be available at selected stores worldwide and online at from the 09.09.13.

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email: [email protected]

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