The Crash (Elizia)


Name: Elizia Charlotte Hemming.

  • Eli to Uncle
  • Elizabeth to Harry

DOB: June 27 1999


  • 5'4, Average build.
  • Hazel eyes. (Warm eyes that have witnessed a lot of pain)
  • Black (Midnight) hair with soft small waves that end just below the shoulder.
  • Pale full pink lips, soft nose.


  • Innocent
  • Helpful, enjoys helping others with their tasks.
  • Laziness, loathes getting out of bed early.
  • Overly trusting, can make mistakes by trusting the wrong people.
  • Curious nature.
  • Book enthusiast.


  • Fidgets and bobs her legs when nervous.
  • Hiccups when she is scared.
  • Loves crunch bars which were introduced to her by her uncle.


  • Lived in the outskirts of New York all her life with her family before moving all the way to a small town in England.
  • She was close to her family before they died in the car crash.
  • Solitary person so she had no friends although when she makes them she will do anything to protect them.
  • Is an only child.
  • Is forced to stay inside.


  • Emotionally unstable.
  • Mentally and physically scarred from the crash.
  • Fears just about everything.

Internal Conflict: 

  • Is unsure about telling her uncle about her vivid and violet hallucinations.


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