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The Crane Wife - New HexLayout!

5 - HHexLayout!

I decided to get a little adventurous and implemented a spiral hex grid layout engine to replace HGridLayout. I haven't done anything interesting with it yet, but it does work.

No documentation for it yet, but you can use it:

I'll have an example soon.

4 - Parts of the wave crest.

I think I need to create more assets from the wave crest because it's definitely very repetative with only two svgs.

3 - Made my vectors available via github

This includes the crane, the fern, and the new wave crest which I haven't posted yet.

2 - Cleaned up in illustrator and then outputted to png:

1 - Drawing some shapes based on Ancient Japanese ceramics

More to come.

0 - Working with Colors

I'm working on generating palettes right now, so I thought I'd rather them with you.  I'm going to keep every palette that I use or generate on github so I have an evolving collection of color schemes that I like.  You can check them out here:

Feel free to fork and contribute.

The ones I have so far:

Fruit is based on a picture of fruit

Seattle is based on a picture of the Seattle Sunset

Kanagawa is very similar to Seattle, but is based on "The Great Wave" by Kanagawa

Palouse is based on the prairies in the Palouse area

More to come, and I'll actually start using them soon.


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