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The Crabtrees

Okay rewind and let's begin again. I wasn't pleased with my last crest, it didn't quite feel like it was "Crabtree." So I went back to the drawing board and racked my brain and my family's brains some more.

The last name Crabtree was given to those who worked on crabapple farms back in England, especially in the area of Yorkshire. So for the laurel I decided to use the crabapple blossom.

It was a must that I incorporate our family as we are very family oriented. We are a very big extended family (Crabtrees, Burkes, Salminens, Porters, and McKusicks to name a few) but despite being so large in size, we are all very close. Here is just an example of how big we are and this is only about a quarter of our family.

Another thing we have in common is the that our family is incredibly well traveled and with family members from all across the globe. My own immediate family was in the US Army so we moved domestically and internationally every 2-3 years. The globe became an image my parents kept suggesting so I ran with it.

And I as I have just mentioned the US Army was a very big part of my immediate family so it only seemed fitting that the colors of the logo would be that of the Army's gold and grey. The shield shape is the same as that of the West Point College crest, where my dad both graduated and taught. 

The phrase "Don't hock my chainik," was something my mother says whenever my sister and I are being bothersome, which we always were/are haha. My mother grew in Syracuse, New York where she picked up the phrase (among others) from her yiddish friends and family. Over the years it became a staple phrase within our household. 

So here are some concepts that I have drawn up. One concept with the lower banner and one without, as suggested by Stephen Pine. Let me know what you all think.


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